The Sales & Communication segment is comprised of companies offering diversified promotional, communication, and training services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology firms. Companies offering such services facilitate the market-launch of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, aid in the development of various educational materials for patients and service providers, augment or replace sales and marketing solutions, or provide other advertising and creative design services.


Sales services include contracted outsourced commercialization services designed to bring novel drugs to market. Contracted sales services include outbound sales support, including sales representatives, and inbound sales teams. Contract sales services are often bundled with marketing services and last throughout the post-approval product life-cycle.


Marketing includes promotional services which comprise the majority of the sales and communication sub-segment. Marketing firms work in conjunction with sales teams or directly for the company producing a product in order to build brand identity and promote the product prior to and after product launch. Furthermore, marketing firms provide diversified promotional services geared towards  publications, such as press release authoring and development of corporate promotional materials (unrelated to a specific product).


Education consists of services geared towards patients and healthcare providers to inform them of a medical need and introduce a related product through promotional medical education materials such as patient guides, information pamphlets, and education software solutions. By offering products and services focused on the development of strategic guidance for healthcare professionals and patients, these companies play an integral role in the drug commercialization process.

Sales & Comm. Technology

Sales and Communication Technology is made up of all technological products that relate to sales and communication, from product databases to market analytics and education software solutions. Marketing firms use analytical software to develop their marketing strategies, and sales teams use internet and social networking tools to promote their client’s drugs and devices. Communication platforms facilitate contact between healthcare professionals and their patients.